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Personal data is every information that refers to the subject of data, every individual that the specific data refer to and to whom identity is known or can be verified. That kind of data are for examble  the name, address, date of birth , gender of member, mobile/phone number, e-mail address  also data of use for examble  name of member, access code and IP address. (Art.Law. 2742/1997, Art.Law 3471/2006, as their relevant provisions reply to them)


During your visit to our website and our e-shop and for you to register as a member to so you can make your purchase/order, to register for Newsletter Service of , and to ensure the possibility of communication with you so  to inform you for your orders as for our new products or for you to be able to exercise your rights according to the Law and the General Terms of Use is possible to be asked  to declare data that concerns you (name, surname, e-mail, home address ,date of birth, gender, mobile/phone number, credit card information.etc.

For visiting our e-shop you will not be asked by any personsl data, We collect the below data from you which you give us voluntarily  for the purpose of your registration as a member of our e-shop at and for the  creation of an account: Name ,Surname, postal address, gender, date of birth, mobile/phone number, e-mail, and password.

In case we issue an invoice we will be needing the name of the company , Tax number, and head offices address.

Also for your registration for the newsletter service of our e-shop with purpose of sending newsletters for our e-shop and for our products/services , offers etc. we ask from you to give us your e-mail.

In advance for sending SMS newsletters for our e-shop and for products/services we ask from you to give us your mobile number.


Personal data you declare at the websites and to the online services of are exclusively and only for transactions purposes with us, communication with you , improvement of our services which you give them for and also for statistics and improvement purposes services/information provided and its not allowed to be used by any third partie  (except the Law provisions to the authorities) without to be observed by  the article of Law N.2472/97 about the protection of the processing of personal data as applies every time. operates  according to the validation of the greek and community law and observes with security your personal data as long as you are registered member  of any service of which then are deleted after with any kind of expiration of our exchanging relationship. Especially the member data  are preserved in our e-shop server for one (1) year.

In short we ask so information as they are needed so you can enjoy your special purchase experience: on time delivery of the products you purchased, safe payment of your order and personalized service based to the needs of your preference.


Your have , in the frames of the provisions of the Law about privacy of the telecommunications and protection of your data the right to be informed and objection by the Articles of Law 11 to 13 of Law N.2472/1997. In any case you have the right of access and objection  (including correction) about preserved personal data that consider and form object of process of us according to the present policy. For that purpose in case of a demand that should direct in writing to or at or at +3= 2811 752080.

For any other queries or suggestion or statement relevant with those issues please contact us using a special form of communication which is provided at Sosho shoes 

At any moment the user preserve the right of information or the objection of the further process of the data accordingly to the forthcoming legislation for the protection of the personal data.