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Identity of the e-shop: welcomes you. In our e-shop is available for purchase a wide range of shoes of a variety of brands and our headquarters are in Heraklion of Crete.


Before you visit website and making a purchase, please be cautious and read carefully the terms of use, which governing so the protection of your personal data and  the safety of your transactions as the presentation, purchase, packaging , transportation,contigent return and delivery of our products which are displayed to the present website. Unreservedly acceptance of the present terms of use from you presumed from your navigation at In any case our company preserves to total right to amend, renew or upgrade anytime and without any previous notice in anyway warning of the usen/consumer/member of the website, cumulatively or part separators or the total of the present terms of use, the content of the website and the external appearance of the structure or the composition of the website as of the technical specifications. Also the company preserves the total right to amend the purchase prices of the products anytime without previous notice in anyway notification of the user/consumer/member of the website cumulatively or part separators. At the end the company preserves the right anytime, with no cause and without previous notice in anyway of the user/consumer/member of the website to abort, inhibit or to terminate the function/operation of the website. The unreservedly acceptance of the user/consumer/member of the website presumably the navigation to the website.


The website offers the possibility to all the users of the internet to buy/purchase to competitive prices a wide range of shoe products, displaying, promoting and selling its products. At the end the invoice policy of the company as the promoting methods of its purchases, via offers or/and discounts, determines exclusively itself and can amend anytime, without previous in anyway notice.


Our e-shop chooses in her total judgement the products which will present to the consumers through as also to renew or/and withdraw them , anytime, unjustifiably and with any previous notice.


The prices are given in euro including the taxes.


We recommend before your first purchase to register as user of with your full data (name, surname, address, mobile phone etc.) so as you can have an easy and even service from our e-shop. The orders are completed with a certain process, which is described detailed below, because sometimes, for reasons which are not in our authorization the is a case a product that appears available in our website, finally is not or not to be delivered in scheduled time mentioned in In order  for you to be fully informed  for the development of the order you placed but also protected from any kind of situations your order implementation through the steps below:

  1. Free choice of products and sent to shopping bag
  2. Inception of request of order process through the steps showed
  3. Fill all the details of your order which appear to the form of order.
  4. Sent of e-mail with the details of your order.

Every time you put an order to our e-shop ,first you must accept the terms of use, which they apply out between transactions in their total. Don't forget your requests are being received form our company with the explicit precaution of a thoroughly  check  of availability of our products that are included in your order so that in the present hasn't started yet the process of your order from the e-shop. You can also make an order by phone at +30 2811 752080.

For the end we inform you that our e-shop follows strictly the personal data protection and only under explicit consent by you (which you give by the shipping form) collect and processed with a safe and careful way. On the present stage our company checks thoroughly the availability of all the products of your order.


In case there is availability of the products in your order on time of delivery referred in our e-shop then we will confirm to you through e-mail you have declared to us which will include all of the details of your order. The shipping of the products will be happening under schedule of delivery of our partner courier company.In case there's no availability to some of the products you ordered which can be not available because of depletion of the stock or it's not available on the time referred on our e-shop then the authorized employee of the e-shop will contact you by phone so you can communicate for amendment or cancelation of your order. In case communication by phone is not possible we will sent an e-mail to the address you declared  to us so you can contact us. In case of any reason is not possible any communication for 10 days from the shipment of your order then your order will be cancelled automatically and you will have to resent a new order to us. In any case after the communication with you will be sent to your side declared e-mail a confirmed of your new order with all the products and detail in it. The shipment of the products will be based of the delivery schedule of the partner courier company.

SAFETY commits for the safety of your personal data. Any personal information is been asked (name, phone/mobile, e-mail etc.) is been used exclusively for the completion of your order with target you excellent service. Your personal data you provide to the e-shop can be transferred to third parties. Also you can change or delete at any time your personal data given to the e-shop communicating with The necessary codes for your identification is : Username and Personal Security Password. Every time you use those codes you can manage your personal data with total safety.